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Top 6 problems with PlayStation 5 and how to solve them?

Top 6 problems with PlayStation 5

So far, the PlayStation 5 platform dominates this generation undisputedly in terms of sales, as it outperforms the Xbox Series X platforms by a very large margin, and of course the reason is known, as the Japanese giant has in its arsenal a group of very special exclusives that attract the largest number of players.

Over the generations, some technical defects appeared in the PlayStation devices, and of course the PlayStation 5 has a share of these problems, as some defects appeared in the platform during use, and today we will talk about the most prominent of these problems and the way to solve them as much as possible.

Before we start, we emphasize that these problems are an inventory of the most prominent problems that the community of players faced and do not necessarily mean that they will happen to your device. Also, the solutions in the list are not exclusive to these problems, but rather they are some of the experiences that led to solving these problems.

  1. PlayStation 5 overheating problem
  2. The controller is not working
  3. Automatically delete disc games
  4. PlayStation 5 system crash problem
  5. The Safe Mode menu does not open
  6. SSD problems

1. PlayStation 5 overheating problem

Since the launch of the PlayStation 5 platforms, it has been reported that the platform temperature has risen in more than one situation, and the high temperature leads to a temporary malfunction of the device, and in fact this malfunction is very common with most home platforms.

To solve this problem, its causes must be found at the beginning, and here it must be noted that there are some specific games that lead to raising the temperature of the device, and these games have a technical problem that leads to draining the device’s resources to work at maximum capacity and then its temperature rises, and the last game caused This was Final Fantasy 16.

In this case, stay away from the games that cause this problem until the company announces that it is completely resolved by updating the game files, because there is no other solution that you can do but take the risk and continue playing.

In other cases, the temperature of the device generally rises during the game, and in this case you need a specialist to check the coolant for the device, but before taking this step, you can put the device in a well-ventilated place and in a room with a moderate temperature, and he must also take care of the device and clean it from Dust and dirt, because dust accumulates on the openings of the device and causes it to overheat.

If these steps succeed, then we are in an excellent position and all our affairs are good, but if the matter continues, we must visit the specialist here to check the coolant of the device and possibly clean the device from the inside.

2. The controller is not working

Some reported that the control hand is broken and that it does not work at all and does not have any life, and most of these complaints were caused by the cable for the hand. First, connect the hand directly to the platform to see if it works or not.

If it works, then in this case there is a problem with the cable and that it does not charge the hand and you have to replace it, but you must make sure that the new cable is original and supports charging and data transfer because the cable that transmits power only will not work on the hand.

3. Automatically delete disc games

A very strange problem that users encountered, as the device automatically deleted games, but the games that were installed through a hard disk and not in a digital way through the store.

The problem appeared when the players deleted some files from the media of the device, as the PlayStation 5 completely erased the game, which means that it must be re-installed from scratch.

In fact, there is no solution to this problem other than the updates that Sony makes to the platform, and indeed there are many system updates that ended this problem, but unfortunately the problem still appears randomly from time to time.

4. The problem of the PlayStation 5 crash

One of the most difficult problems in the PS5 platforms is the system crash problem, and when the problem occurs, the game stops and closes itself, and you notice a severe slowdown in the main platform interface, and this problem may lead to a complete system collapse, so you must contact the warranty of your device to solve this problem.

But if it is not possible to communicate with your warranty, you can try some solutions, which are first to close the device and reopen it again, then after that make sure that the device system is updated to the latest version, and finally disable the Rest Mode feature, as some said that the problem was solved after disabling this feature.

If these steps do not solve the problem, you can resort to a factory reset, but keep in mind that the system will return to the way it was when you took the device out of its box.

5. The Safe Mode menu does not open

The Safe Mode menu is one of the very important menus in the PlayStation 5 system, because the menu has many options that may help you solve many malfunctions on your own without the need for a specialized technician, and in some cases it is not possible to enter the menu.

Sometimes the reason is the use of an HDMI distributor or the installation of a recording card of a certain type. Here, all external and additional connections and the complementary piece must be checked before entering the Safe Mode menu.

6. SSD problems

The PlayStation 5 comes with an SSD storage memory instead of the traditional HDD units, and of course the SSD units offer superior speed and ease in installing, deleting and transferring games.

Sometimes problems occur with the device’s SSD unit. Unfortunately, we cannot provide many tips regarding these problems because most of the time they need a specialist, but there is one golden advice, which is to leave the device running if it enters the process of maintaining the storage unit.

In the PlayStation 5 system, there is a feature that restores storage unit files, and if the system begins to activate this feature, you must leave the device running until it is finished.

There is a final tip, which is that the unit should not be completely filled, as the way SSD units work is completely different from the way HDD units work, and the SSD cannot be filled to the end.

These problems do not harm the reputation of the PlayStation 5

This article is not intended to harm the reputation of the PS5 platforms because all home platforms in all generations have suffered from some problems. Home platforms offer a closed system that cannot be developed or modified, and therefore with each version we find some technical problems that are solved by technical updates or by avoiding them. in the new manufacturing circuits.

It is like mobile phones, each mobile phone has its own advantages and disadvantages and even technical problems, sometimes we find phones that suffer from a problem with the quality of the network and this problem does not mean that the phone is bad at all.

The same applies to home platforms, and in general, the PS5 platform is considered one of the most powerful platforms that have been manufactured so far, and the problems in it are very limited and appear in a very small and limited way.

So far, we have come to know the most prominent PlayStation 5 platform malfunctions that you may encounter and some solutions through which you can avoid the problems that you face, but it must be emphasized that these solutions are not essential and it is better to contact the local warranty of your device to repair and maintain it in the most appropriate way.

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