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The 7 most popular Xbox Series X problems and how to solve them

most popular Xbox Series X problems

In a previous article, we talked about the most famous problems in the PlayStation 5 platforms and how they can be avoided or resolved, and we stressed in the article the idea that the PlayStation 5 platform, like the rest of the home platforms, must contain some defects, and therefore the Xbox Series X|S platforms also suffer from Some problems and defects.

In fact, the Series X|S platform shares a set of problems with the PlayStation 5, and fortunately, these problems can be avoided or remedied with some simple steps that we will talk about today in this article to solve most of the common problems in the Xbox Series X|S platforms.

  1. Xbox Series X|S Wi-Fi problem
  2. Xbox Series X|S consoles overheating
  3. Xbox Series X system update crashes
  4. Error 0x800708ca
  5. Unable to connect the controller
  6. The platform cannot be launched at all
  7. There is no signal for the TV

1. Xbox Series X|S Wi-Fi problem

Some users reported that there is a problem with the Wi-Fi connection and an error number 0x80190190 appears. It has been confirmed that this error occurs with Fritz!Box 7430 devices for Internet connection.

Unfortunately, so far, there is no official response from Microsoft about this problem, especially since it does not appear regularly, and the cases that have been reported are considered individual cases, but some steps can be taken that may solve the problem, such as changing the Internet frequency to 2.4 GHz and testing it as well on a frequency of 5 GHz to find out the frequency appropriate, and of course you can update the system and remove the Cash files as one of the solutions to this problem.

2. Xbox Series X|S consoles are overheating

As usual, any home platform, the Xbox Series X|S may suffer from a high temperature at times, and in this case many have discovered that dust is the main cause of this problem.

On the X version in particular, there are a number of openings at the top of the device, and these openings must be kept clean to ensure air flow, and any accumulation of dust on these openings may lead to an excessive increase in the temperature of the device.

At the same time, it must be ensured that no fabrics are placed on these openings. In general, the openings must be clean and play their role in the flow of air into the device and the exit of hot air from the inside.

Finally, you can reduce the temperature of the device by placing it in appropriate conditions, such as placing it in a room with air conditioning, or even having a small fan dedicated to the device, as these solutions will be very useful, especially in hot summer weather.

3. Xbox Series X system update crashes

A strange problem that you may encounter on the Xbox Series X platform is that the platform refuses to update its system, and in this case we recommend some solutions.

The first solution is to make sure that you have an Internet connection, and you can try to update the device using an Internet network other than the one you have at home. Secondly, you must make sure of the storage capacity of the device and that there is enough space to download and install the new update.

If all these attempts fail, you can return the device to factory settings, then update the system, and if this method does not work, then all that remains for you is to download and install the update via USB Flash. If you reach this stage and the problem is not resolved, you must resort to your local warranty center.

4. Error 0x800708ca

Sometimes an error number 0x800708ca appears while running the platform, but do not worry, this error appears after you update an Xbox one game to the new generation version.

With regard to this error, we have solutions approved by Microsoft itself, which said that a Reset can be done after updating the game to avoid this error, but it advised in general that the user delete the game completely and install it again after it is updated to the new generation.

5. Not being able to connect the controller

Sometimes you find that the control hand refuses to communicate with the device and before proceeding with any solutions, you must make sure that the batteries of the hand are working efficiently, and at the same time you must try another control hand to make sure of the device itself and the receivers in it.

If you make sure of the quality of the battery and the device itself, you can in this case perform a Hard Reset to make the hand work, or you can connect the hand directly to the device by using a USB cable. change completely.

6. The platform cannot be operated at all

Some reported that the platform could not be operated from the ground up because it did not receive any power, and Microsoft stated and said that this problem means that there is a problem with the internal power supply inside the device, and it is a problem that requires a specialized technician.

But at the same time, before going to the technician, there are several steps that can be taken to confirm the problem and that it really needs a technician. First, you must try another external power cable, or even try your cable on another device.

And if you make sure that your cable is safe, then here you must disconnect the internal power supply of the device for 10 seconds and then re-install it. This step will reset the power supply and it may address any minor current problems that may have been affected.

7. There is no signal for the TV

Some people reported that there was a problem with the image from the device to the TV, and some TVs showed the phrase “no signal”, specifically TVs from LG, Samsung, and Vizio, and the reason for this problem is the presence of an HDMI 2.1 input in the Series X platforms, and here you must make sure that your TV is supported You need to connect to the console before purchasing the console, or you can update the system on your TV to support this port.

By the way, the HDMI 2.1 port enables the platform to display the image in 4K resolution with 120 frames per second, and therefore it is very important and you must make sure of the quality of your TV to get the best experience from the platform.

Don’t worry about these problems

The problems in the article are not inevitable, but rather they are the most prominent problems that users have faced so far, and most likely you will not encounter any of them, God willing, when you buy your new platform.

Technical problems are generally present in all home platforms throughout the generations, and it is very normal for each platform to suffer from some problems. In general, the new generation of Microsoft Xbox Series X|S platforms does not suffer from serious technical problems and works efficiently and smoothly, so rest assured when purchasing Xbox Series X|S platform, and if you encounter any problems, do not worry, you will always find a solution on Gamer Zone Club.

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