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Microsoft unveils a new punishment system for Xbox…

Microsoft unveils a new punishment system for Xbox

Microsoft and Xbox today revealed their new punishment system to maintain a safe gaming environment across the gamer community. The new system is called Enforcement Strike, and its details, which we will attach below, have been announced.

Across the Xbox website, a new punishment system, the Enforcement Strike, has been announced that will greatly impact those who attack the safety of the Xbox community. The player can get eight penalties and each penalty lasts for six months.

Details of the new Xbox Enforcement Strike punishment system

  • A player can receive a total of 8 penalties, each lasting six months.
  • A single penalty may keep the player away from the device’s social network features for long periods of time, varying depending on the number of penalties the player received.
  • Also, from the moment this new system becomes available, all players’ records will be clean. That is, the system will not be applied and its penalties will be applied to those who may have transgressed against the player community before the new system is available.
  • The player will get his own record of the system, this record will show you the penalty you got, its duration, its number, and more.
  • The reason for implementing such a strict system is the number of non-exclusive complaints the company has received from players who have been subjected to bullying, verbal abuse, and more.
  • This penalty system is similar to the penalty system for driving vehicles and their licences, including driver’s license and their laws in many countries.
  • A simple example, if a player receives a penalty twice they will be banned from playing on the machine for one day. If the player receives 4 penalties, he will be banned from playing for 7 days.
Microsoft unveils a new punishment system for Xbox

Players who have received a penalty can protest it through this link. Where a specialized team from Xbox will carefully review and consider his request, and in the event that the player is aggrieved, for example, the penalty will be lifted from him.

Important links that must be registered in order to understand this system accurately

  • To see all complaints registered against you here.
  • Join the Xbox Ambassadors team to work with the team and see the latest updates and laws here.
  • To read all the terms and conditions of the Xbox community from here.
  • Read the latest transparency report from the Xbox Team here.
  • To find out how to file a complaint on a player from here.
  • To find out how to explain a major case against a player, click here.
Microsoft unveils a new punishment system for Xbox

Above we see an example of the penalty system and how it is applied to the offending player. It is noteworthy that the new penalty system will start to be applied from the moment this news was written. As we mentioned, any player with a previous history will be erased and will start over with this system.

In the end, some may see that the system is a bit harsh, but it is in the interest of the players, so what do you think of its details?

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