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Great disappointment from the audience due to the graphics of GTA Trilogy, is it really worth the $60?

Great disappointment graphics GTA Trilogy
Rockstar Games

In conjunction with the release of the GTA Trilogy trilogy, which fans of the series are going through in the meantime, to bring back some wonderful memories, but in an improved way from the original version, as the main developer confirmed on more than one occasion, and in order to make it playable on the new platforms due to the incompatibility of its old engine with the new platforms, Although we began to notice many strange technical errors or “bugs” that the original versions did not suffer from in the past, with the emergence of some strange graphics that players began to trade on social media platforms, and this raises the question, is this trilogy really worth $ 60 ?

The improved trilogy has been remastered using the famous engine and is fully supported by Unreal Engine 4, an engine that has all the necessary development tools that help developers finish designs faster than any other engine, however, the graphics of GTA Trilogy do not appear to fully exploit the capabilities of the engine, With the game looking weird in so much of the footage, it feels like the PS2 originals are better at times.

Other problems that the improved GTA Trilogy suffers from is its fluctuating performance on the new generation PlayStation 5, whose tire speed often reaches 35 frames per second only, as it is supposed not to drop below 60 frames per second, in addition to problems There are many other players complaining about.

Great disappointment graphics GTA Trilogy
Rockstar Games

Although we know that the development team Grove Street Games is the one who worked on the improved trilogy GTA Trilogy – The Definitive Edition, and Rockstar has no direct involvement in this version, the blame lies with the publisher Take-Two for the reissue of an old series Some of his games are difficult to improve with a quality that reaches the visual capabilities of the new generation, and at $ 60, which is considered a very exaggerated price, and we do not think that the old versions of the series are not compatible with the new platforms, as the developer-publisher claimed earlier.

Do you think GTA Trilogy – The Definitive Edition is worth paying $60 to replay games we played earlier? We are very interested in sharing your opinions with us through the comments below.

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