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The complete Starfield timeline

complete Starfield timeline
Bethesda Game Studios

Less than a month separates us from the most awaited Xbox exclusive in history. Starfield, everyone is waiting, and players’ minds are only occupied by it, and many Xbox fans say: Either now or never! A title with such fanfare had to be made with passion, diligence and mastery, and this is what happened. The game world is indescribably huge and the story and timeline of this world cannot be entered without permission or you will be lost in its darkness.

Bethesda knows very well that familiarizing players with the world of Starfield before delving into it is mandatory, which is why it shared with us all the details of the story and timeline of events, in order to help players immerse themselves in the huge world and judge it fairly, so for those who missed the game timeline or do not know what we are talking about, let us share with you What we know so far.

The complete Starfield timeline

complete Starfield timeline
Bethesda Game Studios

The events of the game begin in the year 2330, but the seeds of that beginning were sown much earlier than this date; About 3 centuries ago, in the year 2050.

2050: In that year, humans finally reached Mars and spent the next 50 years building colonies, and by the year 2100, they had already started living on the Red Planet.

In the year 2156: Humans have traveled to the star system known as Alpha Centauri, which is 4.37 light-years away from Earth, and by the way, our beautiful planet has almost no part in the game.

In the year 2159: The largest entity was established, and one of the most important entities in the game, if not the most important, which is the “United Colonies Republic” entity, which considers itself the legitimate heir to humanity that we have known on planet Earth.

complete Starfield timeline
Bethesda Game Studios

In the year 2160: on the planet Jemison (one of the planets of Alpha Centauri), the city of New Atlantis was founded, which is the capital of the aforementioned entity, and it is also the largest city that the Bethesda studio has worked on building.

In the year 2167: In another star system called Cheyenne, Solomon Co founded the first colony there under the name of Akila City, and in the year 2188 Solomon offered the Volii solar system to cooperate with Cheyenne to create the second largest entity in the game, which is the entity Freestar Collective in year 2189.

2194: The United Colonies have moved their star station headquarters to the orbit of Deepla in the Narion solar system. Seeing this move as a threat, the people of this solar system joined the Freestar Collective, who began gathering forces in preparation for Narion’s defense.

2196: In response to the Freestar Collective’s intervention and mobilization of defense forces, the United Colonies prepare an armada, starting the Narion War.

complete Starfield timeline
Bethesda Game Studios

In the year 2216: The Narion War ended after twenty years and a peace treaty was signed between the two parties, but it was a fragile treaty.

2221: The Freestar Rangers, a defense force that serves as the police, is formed to protect the citizens of the Freestar Collective.

In the year 2275: a third entity known as the “Constellation” or Constellation group is established; They are a group of scientists described by Todd Howard as a mixture of NASA and Indiana Jones and a group of rare men.

2305: The famous explorer and scientist Barrett – featured in the official announcement – joins the Constellation entity.

In the year 2307: the Freestar Collective entity farms on a planet called Vesta in the Lunara star group, and in the year 2308, the United Colonies entity accuses them of violating the treaty by colonizing the planet Vesta and imposing a siege on it, thus starting a new war between them called the Colony War.

complete Starfield timeline
Bethesda Game Studios

In the year 2310: The Constellation group unveils their first artifact creations and places them in their archives.

2311: After 3 years of war, the Freestar Collective is able to destroy the United Colonies fleet and end the colony war in their favour.

2315: The United Colonies establish a navy, and four years later, in 2319, Sarah Morgan heads the navy, but soon becomes a miserable idle after that fleet closes in 2320, causing her to join the Constellation.

2321: Walter Stroud joins the Constellation as well and becomes their financier, followed by Vladimir Sall the following year.

2325: Sarah Morgan heads the Constellation, and theologian Matteo Khatri joins them.

2326: Sarah Morgan invites young scientist Noel to join the Constellation.

2327: Sam Co., a former Freestar Ranger, and his daughter Cora join the Constellation.

complete Starfield timeline
Bethesda Game Studios

In the year 2328: Barret convinces the Constellation group to purchase the Starstation L-868 space station to begin work on modifying it and using it for space exploration under its new name, “The Eye”. And in the same year Andreja joins the entity.

In the year 2330:

The events of Starfield begin about 230 years after the human conquest of space, 55 years after the founding of the Constellation, and 19 years after the end of the Colony War. The galaxy is now recovering from the Colony War, and there is an artifact – apparently important to the Constellation – that hides many secrets. What is the fate of the galaxy, and what secrets does this ancient stone hide? All this and more we will know on the sixth of next September.

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